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Version 1.0 is Live

  1. Download the High Five Client:

    Client.torrent (5.7GB)

  2. Install but do not start the game.
  3. Download our System from:

    System.zip (20MB) | Mirror1 Mirror2

  4. Launch the game from l2.exe inside the System folder.
  5. Type a unique username and password in the login screen.

Enjoy the game!

Last Updated on Monday, 25 December 2017 01:24

Some words.

When i first came up with the idea to use a “Hellbound-like” gameplay concept for the server back in 2010 was because i really wanted to make something that i would enjoy to play by myself. Lets be honest nobody really liked the direction Lineage 2 has taken after Interlude aka C6. Also i didnt really expect the server would become as huge as it did. Since then i have been trying to recreate that magic formula i had come up with back then without much  of a success. You could say i was at the right place at the right time. Today things are completely different and i should have realised that sooner.

Anyway to the point now.

I am currently working on a new concept server. I cant say much yet about it but i made one change that mmorpgs only recently started to implement and i think it will be intresting for you to see. As always im taking the “what i would like to play” approach once again but dont worry you aint gonna see anything too similar to the old L2FX formula. Also this time im gonna take my sweet time refining the new systems in order to offer a more polished result.

Thats all for now, hope to see you ingame when the server is ready.


– Porthos

Last Updated on Sunday, 26 November 2017 10:24